Lightnex Brightening Cream

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Gateway to brightening.

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YouFace Lightnex Brightening cream is extracted with plant-infused ingredients Mulberry and Licorice aimed to brighten the skin tone, eradicate the dark spot and fade away extra pigmentation on the skin.

Skin Type: Sensitive Type

Skin Concerns: Melasma, pigmentation and Freckles


-Reduces dark spots and Pigmentation on the skin

-Great for Melasma and Freckles

-Gives a brightening effect

-Instant Glow

32 reviews for Lightnex Brightening Cream

  1. maria amjad

    Delivery was late but its good

  2. Kamran Jaleel

    I used this cream for small blemishes and dark spots on my face.. it really gave results..skin kafi clear ho gai hay…

  3. Rute Joseph

    Excellent for brightening…wonderful glow…my dark spots disappeared in 2 weeks

  4. Neelum

    Fast results ..Skin glows

  5. Zaib un Nisa

    Mera face complexion bilkul dull hi gaya tha Lightnex cream istimal krnay se mera face bilkul theek ho gaya

  6. Laraib

    It Whitens skin quickly…less price and good cream

  7. Hameeda Javed

    Best cream for whitening and dark spots

  8. Fouzia Saleem

    Freckles and brightening k liye bahot achi cream hay 2 weeks mein hi bahot achy results mil gay

  9. Shagufta Nasir

    Freckles and brightening k liye bahot achi cream hay, main ne Freckles k liye use ki hay meray Freckles bilkul khatm ho gay hein

  10. Nadia Asghar

    Main ne ye cream Freckles and brightening k liye use ki amazing results hein es k

  11. Asma Khan

    میں نے اس کریم کو اپنے چہرے پر چھوٹے دھبوں اور سیاہ دھبوں کے لیے استعمال کیا.. اس نے واقعی نتائج دیے۔

  12. Mishal Malik

    It’s best cream for Freckles and skin brightening and got amazing results within a month

  13. Anmol Asad

    It’s best cream for dark spots , Freckles and gives whitening effect too.

  14. Shehneela Khan

    It’s best cream for Freckles and best for brightening too.

  15. Sundas Najeeb

    It’s very good Cream for skin brightening and complete solution of dark spots.

  16. Salina Syed

    It’s best cream for dark spots, skin brightening and Freckles.

  17. Momina Taimoor

    Got very good results for Freckles and dark spots.

  18. Noshaba Dilawar

    Thanks seller, good packing, good quality and good results.

  19. Zoobia Khan

    It’s best for freckles and skin brightening.

  20. Naseema Liaquat

    It’s a best for skin brightening, dark complexion and freckles.

  21. Sajal Ehsan

    It’s good for whitening and brightening.

  22. Nimra Furqan

    My skin is looking freckles free now after using this cream, I love this product.

  23. Jiya Ali

    It whitens skin quickly,It’s best cream for freckles and skin brightening.

  24. Zoya Tahir

    Wonderful glow,my dark spots disappeared in 2 weeks, It’s best for freckles and skin brightening.

  25. Tehmina Muazzam

    It’s very effective for freckles and fine lines

  26. Fouzia Salman

    My freckles are completely gone, it’s a best solution for freckles

  27. Saniya Irshad

    I used this cream on my face for small spots and dark spots.. it really gave results.

  28. Maryam Hamza

    I have used this cream for freckles and pigmentation and I got amazing results

  29. Naila Zarbab

    My skin was quite dull and rough, then I applied this cream to it and my skin became bright and smooth.

  30. Naila Shaukat

    It’s best cream for freckles and skin whitening and brightening and I got amazing results

  31. Hania Shazir

    This cream is very effective for skin brightening and whitening , I tried it and got wonderful results

  32. Hina Waqar

    Skin brightening aur whitening k liye ye cream bahot achi hay , jab se main ne ye use krna start ki haytab se mujhay bahot achay results mily hein

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