Dark Circles Treatment Kit

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Brief Description:

Sensitive skin peel for brightening.


This skin combination is functional for treating the dark circles.

Eye Zone Cream:

Eye Zone Cream specifically treats dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness of the eyes.

Lactic Acid peel:

Lactic Acid exfoliates the dead cells and dirt buildup by lessening the hyperpigmentation, aging spots and dryness present on the skin.

Eye Zone Cream + Lactic Acid Peel:

The combination is effective when used together as Lactic acid peel will help treat the dryness and reduce the dirt from the skin while Eye zone cream will reduce the dark circles and under bags by plumping the skin.

21 reviews for Dark Circles Treatment Kit

  1. fehmina Rauf

    my dark circles were really bad but after using this for a 30-40 days I am more than satisfied

  2. Parveen Khadim

    Baht good product hein in ke.dark circles behtr ho gai.par main nay sale say pehly leen…mujhy pata hota tu sale kay bad mangwati

  3. Zartash

    I observed result in 2 months.kafi wait kia but achey effects ai..sleep bhe behtr ke..

  4. Madeeha

    Results are good…But it needs proper sleep also.

  5. Javeria rizwan

    Nice results. I used both products..lactic acid peel is also good for whole face.

  6. Tabassum Elahi

    Main ne ye products use ki mujhay dark circles ka issue tha thank God meri dark circles se jaan chooti

  7. Annie Khan

    It’s complete solution of dark circles issue, it needs proper sleep too.

  8. Mehak Shafeeq

    It’s best for dark circles , just use products a month and you can see clear difference.

  9. Sameena Habib

    It’s best combination of Lactic Acid Peel and Eyezone Cream, both are products are really good for dark circles.

  10. Anmol Dawood

    Using both products for dark circles are really effective.

  11. Sajida Khan

    Both products are really effective for dark circles.

  12. Tehseen Yawar

    It’s a best solution for dark circles, love these products.

  13. Sameen Khurram

    It’s complete solution of dark circles issue,both products are really effective for dark circles.

  14. Alizay Khan

    Both products are really effective for dark circles,I observed results in 2 months.

  15. Daniya Ayyan

    It’s complete solution of dark circles issue, I got results within 6 weeks

  16. Kubra Abbas

    I used these products for my dark circles and thank God I got amazing results

  17. Shijrat Awais

    I got 50% results with 5 weeks after using these products, these are really effective

  18. Hajra Waqas

    I was suffering from dark circles for a long time and could not understand anything, then I used the products and within 1 month I got great results.

  19. Andleeb Abdullah

    These products are perfect for dark circles, I’m using these products and getting very satisfied results

  20. Javeria Ijaz

    I used these products for my dark circles and thank God my dark circles issue resolved after using these products

  21. Feroza Mahar

    Lactic acid gel and eyezone cream both are perfect combination for dark circles, I’m using this combo and getting very good results

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