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The ultimate regimen to treat melasma and stubborn pigmentation.

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YouFace Clarus Pro Cream is the best cream for Melasma and Hyperpigmentation to lighten the dark areas occurred on the skin. It is also known as best dark spot remover for face. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics that aids in relieving the redness, dryness and irritation and providing moisture to the skin.
Skin Type: All skin Type
Skin Concern: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Freckles, Aging spots, Acne scars
-Aids in lightening Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Freckles and age spots.
-Botanical moist extracts with anti-inflammatory properties to hydrate and soothe the skin, effectively helps prevent irritation and dryness.
-Pre-conditioning before skin resurfacing procedures to prevent post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.
-Best Cream for pigmentation and Dark Spots
– Has more intensity to work than Clarus Cream

26 reviews for Clarus Pro Cream

  1. ghazala hanif

    very pricey but results are excellent

  2. Qurat Ul Ain

    It’s a very good quality product. Not easy to find imported products in Pakistan..I wish I had purchased in sale.i bought it very expensive..now its on sale.

  3. Beenish

    Mujhay 1 year se Hyperpigmentation thi main ne kafi cheezein istimal ki but koi farq nahein para main ne online Youface ki products dekhi main ne socha chalein 1 bar es ko try krti hoon shukr hay mera problem hal ho gaya

  4. Hira

    It brightened my skin…All dark spots disappeared.

  5. Aqsa Rehman

    Perfect solution of Deep Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

  6. Razia Yaseen

    Complete solution of Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

  7. Nusrat Shah

    It is the best solution of dark and deep melasma

  8. Muntaha Yousuf

    I was facing issue of pigmentation since last 2 years I was worried about that , someone told me about Clarus Pro Cream. I tried and got amazing result

  9. Marvi Rahim

    پچھلے 2 سال سے پگمنٹیشن کا مسئلہ درپیش تھا، میں اس بارے میں پریشان تھی، کسی نے مجھے
    Clarus Pro Cream کے بارے میں بتایا۔ میں نے کوشش کی اور حیرت انگیز نتیجہ ملا

  10. Nimra Khan

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone with the dreaded pregnancy mask or melasma. I have done just about everything over the past 10 years to clear mine, including laser skin resurfacing. THIS has done more for my skin and is much less invasive, not to mention, cost effective!

  11. Salva Khan

    It’s the best solution for deep Melasma and Hyperpigmentation, I was worried about Melasma after using this Cream my face is getting clear now 😀

  12. Hijab Ali

    It’s results are very effective, I used it with Vitamin C Cleanser and White Code Serum and got very good results .

  13. Tahira Rizvi

    It’s the only solution of deep melasma , I tried many products but it’s complete solution of old and deep melasma.

  14. Sitara Hussain

    It’s price is very high but results are very good.

  15. Rumaisa Imran

    Best melasma cream, results are excellent, little pricey but very good quality product.

  16. Umera Farooq

    It’s a best cream for old melasma, I was facing melasma issue from last 5 years , after using this cream my melasma issue resolved within 3-4 months.

  17. Fouzia Imran

    It’s best for all types of pigmentation and melasma, also effective for skin whitening.

  18. Sabeen Shakir

    It is the best solution of dark and deep melasma,It’s price is very high but results are very good.

  19. Sadia Jahangeer

    It is the best solution of dark and deep melasma,It brightened my skin too.

  20. Mariya Hussain

    I’m using this cream, my melasma and hyperpigmentation issue is resolving and I’m satisfied with its results

  21. Warda Abdullah

    I had hyperpigmentation for 1 and half year I used lot of products but there is no difference one day I saw youface’s products online I thought let’s try 1 time Thank you my problem is solved

  22. Resham Subhan

    I was having pigmentation problem for last 2 years, I was worried about it, someone told me about Clarus Pro Cream. I tried and got amazing result

  23. Naima Shafique

    I used a lot of things for my melasma but when I stopped using it the melasma came back, then I started using this cream and now my skin is melasma free.

  24. Yashfa Aslam

    I was very worried about my stubborn melasma so I started using this cream and I was surprised that my melasma started to lighten up a lot.

  25. Zarmeen Dilawar

    melasma mery liye kafi takleef deh tha mujhay bahr jana bilkul acha nahin lagta tha kiyon keh main kafi cheezein use kr chuki thi phir main ne ye cream use ki aur mera itna bara masla hal ho gaya thank you youface

  26. Nighat Saeed

    I used it for my deep melasma and got really good results, It brightened my skin too

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